Prophetic Dreams & Nightmares

About Us: Why Exist!

What is Divine Forecast?

Divine Forecast is a website created for two purposes: (1). Report News from the future and (2). Help dreamers all over the world interpret their own dreams and nightmares.

Not many people can predict tomorrow. As a matter of fact, all that we can foretell, even with our very advanced technology, is the weather.  Meteorologists can dazzle us with mathematical calculations that warns of hurricanes and tornadoes, rains and snowstorms. But what if we could go several steps further and also forecast other areas of life...i.e. public mass shootings by deranged individuals, earthquakes, tsunamis, plane crashes, terrorist attacks, surprise wars?

How many lives would we save if we could? How many people can we help to avert financial ruin if only we are able to give them enough time to prepare for the erratic and violent acts of mother nature? These are just some of the many questions can provide answers to over the coming days, weeks, months and years.

Who is the Author behind Divine Forecast?

Who I am, what I am, and where I am is utterly irrelevant, what matters is the words I speak.

Why Does Divine Forecast Exist?

I started having visions as a youngster, but it wasn't until recently that I finally chose to start sharing them with the world. After all, what use is a Vision if no one knows about it and if no one is helped by it?

I came to the recent conclusion that, if I foresee impersonal events of a calamitous nature, there really is no reason to keep that to myself anymore, especially after I've determined its prophetic relevance.  There is a reason people like me are shown the visions we are shown and I believe that reason is to share them with the world. 

So Why does Divine Forecast exist?  To alert the world of future events that are unpleasant.